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Marketing and Business Development

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To this end, we focus on helping you tell your story effectively and authentically, connecting you with the right buyer audience whose problems you can solve.
Our marketing services can help you close gaps in resources or experience in virtually all areas of your go-to-market plans including:

- Business Plan
- Competitive Research
- Launch Playbook
- Market Research
- Market Segmentation

- Buyer persona(s) and Buyer Journey
- Point of View Development
- Quantified and Qualified Value Proposition

- Campaigns
- Collaterals
- Content Strategy
- Content development
- Thought Leadership

- Case Studies
- Demo Scenario(s)
- Sales Playbook

- Not sure what you need?  An overall review of current go-to-market deliverables for gaps  in or misalignment of target audience, messaging, value proposition, campaign strategy, sales strategy and demand generation

Case Study: Using Social Media
in an Integrated Marketing
Communications Strategy

The Electronic Funds Transfer Association (EFTA) is a trade association made up of organizations involved in electronic payments systems—ATMs, mobile commerce and banking, electronic benefits transfer and other technologies. Members became alarmed at an amendment to the financial reform bill known as the Dodd Frank Act. The amendment, sponsored by Illinois Senator Dick Durbin, would for the first time regulate the prices charged to process debit card transactions.

The industry’s problem was that its response to the amendment was fragmented and disjoined. So we developed an Internet-based communications strategy that would position EFTA as the industry's voice in the battle over the Durbin Amendment. The key to the strategy was a website where analysts, legislators, retailers and companies could find the latest information and analysis about the so-called Durbin Amendment.

In response we developed the site using SEO technology to maximize the number of site visitors looking for information. Within a month was one of the top five sites on major search engines for those searching for information on the Amendment. Within two months it held four of the five top slots for the topic.

The result was increased visibility for the Association that resulted in an increase in membership and revenue. showed the ability of the Association to react quickly and decisively on legislative matters important to its core constituency. Its increased relevancy in the industry led to partnerships with other associations on a subsequent issue that resulted in a decisive legislative victory.

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